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POSSIBLE TOPICS for "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair

         * How does the main character grow and change throughout the novel?  (Maybe your thesis could be something like "The main character moves from a state of innocence, to a state of cynicism, to a state of cautious optimism as he responds to conditions in his new country, America."  And then your first section could provide examples of  his innocence, your second section could illustrate his move to cynicism, and the third section could be about optimism.

     * Or, you could discuss three characters in the novel and their response to "The American Dream."  Each body section could be about one character.

     * Or, you might talk about which character or characters in the novel qualify as "heroes" in some way.

     *Or, you could talk about how the politics and/or social conditions of the day impacted the main character's decisions. (Keep the focus on the novel and provide plenty of supporting quotes.)

     *Or, you could talk about how the novel's publication affected safety and sanitation conditions in America (Keep the focus on the novel here and provide plenty of supporting quotes.)

There are many other topics you could choose, but please remember the following;

     1.  Since this is a literary essay, the focus of the essay should remain on the novel itself rather than strictly on social, political, or biographical information.

     2.  The last sentence of the first paragraph should be your thesis statement, and it should express a strong opinion about a debatable topic.  You might consider an "although" phrase:  "Although many people consider Jurgis to be a failure, he is actually a success because of _______, _____, and _____."  

Let me know if you have questions about the topic!


The primary purpose of this assignment is to allow you to read and analyze a novel/novella length work of literature, formulate your own creative and insightful opinions on the work, state said opinions in a correctly formatted MLA research paper, and support aforementioned opinions with properly documented secondary academic sources.

The completion of this assignment will also demonstrate your ability to correctly utilize GALILEO to research and document academic sources as well as your ability to successfully utilize MLA format.



5- 7 pages minimum excluding Works Cited page (About 1,500 - 2,000 words)
MLA Format
1 primary source (the novella)
6 secondary sources from GALILEO or other academic, reliable sources
Mention Structural Elements of the Novel  (Structural Elements and Literary Terms Folder)
Mention Figurative/Connotative Devices  (Structural Elements and Literary Terms Folder)
You will write a Literary Research Paper in MLA Format over The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.

The paper should delve substantially into a thesis which is additionally supported by multiple literary devices such as plot, theme, style, form, symbol(s), characters/archetypes, etc. Possible themes which warrant consideration when forming a thesis might include discussion of capitalism, socialism, the immigrant experience, and the American Dream.

You must use a minimum of one short quote EACH from at least four (4) secondary sources (for instance, full text articles from GAILEO) and one (1) primary source (the primary source for this paper is the novel The Jungle).

All quotes should be properly cited using in-text citations along with a correctly formatted Works Cited page.

Secondary sources MUST come from full text articles found in GALILEO or other reliable academic sources. Use of secondary and tertiary sources such as Wikipedia, blog posts, message boards, Shmoop,and web pages are inappropriate for this level of research and will not be considered a reliable source.  Ask the instructor if in doubt about whether a particular source is acceptable.

Please submit the paper to the dropbox  found under the link "Texbook & Novella" found on the left side of your screen in Blackboard.


You will be successful in this assignment if you produce a research paper that adheres to the above directions while fully demonstrating your ability to form and support opinions on novel/novella length work of literature with accompanying and appropriate secondary academic support.
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