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Hello – I have just launched an app for a social media platform called Pictma and need research for use in financial forecasts and customer profile for business plans/pitch decks.

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Below is the criteria for this project:

Financial forecasting: Social Media - We have accounts with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and You Tube that we intend to grow these accounts for Pictma until it becomes an influencer. I need a breakdown for each to show earning potential by threshold for number of followers, posting requirements, click requirements, views needed to generate income, and any other requirements needed to receive remuneration.

Data Sales: We plan to sell data in two ways – real time data and Big Data. Research needed for each is to identify: Customer profile, number of potential customers, type of data, method of delivery (static reports vs Realtime vs. membership vs. subscriptions) and their price appetite.

Real Time Data – Identify who would be a potential customer and how they are currently getting this information today and how much they are spending to acquire it. Examples for real time customers could be Reporters, Attorney’s, Lobbyists, Politicians, Educational institutions for student research, etc.

Big Data – Who would be a customer for this type of data, what specifically would they be interested in knowing, what do they pay, how do they pay.

Competitive Analysis and Mapping: Direct competitors, Secondary competitors, Indirect competitors, extract Trends and opportunities, and our differentiator (for which they would need a statement about the app)

Users: Pictma User (Pictmer) Profile: number of users, conversion rates, timeline etc Market Sizing and Growth- using framework of :
1. TAM= Total Attainable Market= market size and growth rate
2. SAM= Serviceable Attainable Market= a specific segment/s of the market to focus on
3. SOM = Serviceable Obtainable Market,= portion of “SAM” we can obtain Note: All of the above there would be specific to identify/extract sources of revenue

NOTE - I would also need raw data and sources with  links where applicable in excel. I will also need you to sign an NDA prior to project launch.
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    I am looking for a mix of experience and value Experience Level
  • Project Type: One-time project

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