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Best Darn Brands works closely with first-tier, FDA-approved, suppliers, and manufacturers to deliver life-saving medical supplies, consistently and reliably, to the people who need them.

Formed in the crucible of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Best Darn Brands realizes the intense ongoing need for personal health supplies and intends to innovate additional products to support public health. Thanks to its corporate affiliation with NAVF Pharma, which is developing high-quality, cannabis-derived medical products, Best Darn Brands has access to specialized pharmaceutical knowledge and production capacity.

Mission: Mission: Best Darn Brands was created to make lifesaving personal protective equipment available for Government, Native American Tribes, health care workers and first respondents and mission critical infrastructure. This was in repose to seeing first hand the lack of organization and coordination of both governmental and industry response to protect the US and global populations in the spread of the Covid 19 virus.  

Based in: Ft. Lauderdale, with manufacturing, distribution, and partner facilities at 9 locations across the United States.

Privately held, U.S. company, and a portfolio company of the Native American Venture Fund

Founded: March 2020

Choose a post topic, I would enjoy seeing what topic you believe you would gravitate towards. The goal being to ties the relevant story into BDB being an authority on the topic, with the implied angle that we are both solving a problem within supply chain, lack of governmental action etc. Feel free to ask questions and to take an informed and relevant position on the topic. Use the comments of other authority figures and influencers to in essence placing BDB as both a leader and authority on the topic being written or reported. Controversy is OK, as long as you have the facts to back up the position, while supporting the brand’s mission.

*****Your assignment*****

1. Choose from a topic below.
2. Do your research on the topic, so you can be authoritative on the subject.
3. Let’s discuss your topic via video conference, feel free to make it an interview.
4. Write your story
5. Select a photo that goes well with your topic
6. You will be granted author access in our WordPress blog to post your story.
7. Send me an email on your topic of choice and let us set a time ASAP to discuss.
8. Stories are due within 24 hours or sooner from assignment, 400 words minimum.
1.    Covid and Private Capital, how one PPE supply chain is preparing for the next pandemic wave  
2. George Floyd’s Death may have taken headlines, but not the increased danger of COVID-19.
3. US COVID-19 Death Toll May Triple in the Next 120 Days, what can be done to prevent the medical supply chains second collapse?  
4. Leading Medical Supply Chains Prepares for Covid 2.0
5. Praying for the Best, Expecting the Worst as Covid 2.0 Preparations to Protect the Workforce Begin
6. What can employers do to protect their employees and patrons?
7. Covid 2.0 and Entertainment Industry, what are businesses doing to protect employees and it patrons
8. Leading Medical Supply Chain to import billions of PPE weekly to meet existing need and prepare for Covid 2.0
9. Protecting the medical supply chain, how leading PPE Medical Supply Chain is protecting both hospitals and consumers from fake medical supplies and scams
10. Medical Buyer Beware, medical scams, fake PPE and FEMA raids, what is the answer to supply hospitals and protect the public?
11. Covid and Casinos, how one PPE supplier is helping Vegas keep consumers safe while increasing casino revenues
12. How one PPE medical supply chain is planning to provide every American access to a Covid Test
13. Or a topic of your choosing that you believe we have missed, but still have a selection from the list above.
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