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A global presentation on the Constitution, the laws, science, in the public trust doctrine. These are universal features of our humanity and through art i hope to engage the world on the need to become a Planetary Civilization resolving our hates, fears and angers.

As professor Michio Kaku a  World renowned theoretical physicist Pointed out when asked about humanity He made the statement that we have perhaps 100 years left as a species If we do not resolve our differences and learn to share our knowledges with everyone.

He made the point that to survive as a species we must become a type 3 civilizatio or a galactic civilization freely moving through our Galaxy.  A star trek society Perhaps 500 years in our future something that we must Engage in now similar to when I grew up going to the moon. We certainly need a vision collectively as a species.

However we must 1st become a type 2 civilization Which is A solar civilization freely moving around our Solar System. We are just beginning to move in that direction But not collectively As a planetary civilization Working cooperatively as a common goal for humanity.

We must become a type one civilization in which humanity shares in knowledge and participation in these endeavours to become a solar civilization Otherwise we may well become extinct within the next 100 years. It is through cooperation not competition that these goals can be accomplished.

When professor Kaku was asked what type of civilization are waiting he said we are a type 0 civilization still living within the primordial slime phase of humanity. In other words we got a lot of growing up to do and fast.

I am looking for artists who can help shine a graphic light on our past, present and future  That would be used in online presentations periodicals and other forms of distribution to invoke and people an understanding of our situation

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