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Urdu recording -Native speaker


14 days ago

Needs to hire 99 Freelancers
Each recording is 0.01 dollars. Each one can do 1000 qualified audios at most.

1. Use our App Funwork to record.

2. Each sentences contains 5-20 words.

3. Each person can do 1000 qualified recording at most.

4. Please use the App to test environment and the DB should below 40.

5. (IMPORTANT)Record in a natural and smooth way of speaking, imitating normal conversation.

    correction or repeatation is not allowed in recording.

6. The environment is quiet

    Suggest that mouth and the mic should be kept at about 15cm.

    Mouth must not direct to mic to avoid blow in mic,or in recording it sounds like wind sound

    or breath sound. Also avoid echo (Big empty room will cause echo)

7. Suggest to stay away from home applicance and fans , since magnetic fields can also cause

    current noise

After recording suggest to listen some to make sure if its right and avoid words cut.

8. Each disqualified recording will have one chance to correct within 5 hours after being

    judged as unqualified. correction is not right or not correct within 5 hours, the disqualfied

    recording will be recycled and can not be fixed.

Disqualified standard:

1. Not record in a natural and smooth way of speaking, imitating normal conversation.

2. Not native speaker

3. Qualified sentences over 1000, for over part will not be paid

4. Blow in mic.

5. Abvious noise in backgroud
  • $10
  • Entry level
    I am looking for freelancers with the lowest rates Experience Level
  • Project Type: One-time project

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