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Website development / modify existing website (django, postgreSql, bootstrap, github, Docker, Ubuntu


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The task is to modify an existing website
django + postgreSql + bootstrap + github + Docker on Ubuntu server

It is prohibited to use other languages and technologies without permission

The topic of this website is selling industrial filters.
Here are few examples of competitor websites with similar products:

This website was created in June 2020.
The website is in two languages - Russian and English.
There are several product groups (filters) on the website.
There are currently 4-6 applications on the website
Applications either use different tables or partially shared tables.
Total number of existing tables is now 80-100.
Total number of entries in tables around 200,000

Need to organise:
• product search
• adjust Django admin panel
• display products in a browser with the ability to sort and filter by various parameters, groups etc.
• product comparison
• filling out a questionnaire by a visitor
• processing of the questionnaire on the server, outputting the results of processing to the visitor
• optimise site structure and change menus
• improve / modify existing applications
• create 3-4 new apps (10-20 tables for each)
• online sales and customer registration / tracking / cookies are not yet foreseen.

In other words it is planned to develop the website in breadth and depth (add products, features, interactivity - a dialogue with the client in the form of a survey form, issuing in the end of the survey desired product).

Estimated scope of work 15-30 hours per month.
Estimated duration of the project 6-12 months

Your specific objective:
• Regular (most likely on a daily basis) information exchange with the project manager
• Write code in accordance with the task
• Make standard operations on database tables
• Front-end and back-end of the website
• githab + Ubuntu server

Approximate time allocation:
• 90-95% website development (django + postgreSql + bootstrap + github + Docker + Ubuntu)
• 5-10% Webdesign

The task is simple and routine and does not require senior qualification, so preference will be given to an applicant with a budgetary payment rate.

Professional requirements to the applicant:
• Knowledge of django, postgreSql, bootstrap, github, Docker, Ubuntu, CSS + webdesign technologies.

You must be able to regularly:
• Work about 1 hour a day on the project at least 5 days a week.
• Keep in touch with the project manager daily for 5-10 minutes a day at least 5 days a week.

Working scheme is as follows:
• you get a small piece of a task for 1-2 hours of work
• you complete the task and upload the code to a githab and to the server.
• Project manager checks execution, fixes bugs and gives you a new piece.
• There will probably be cases where you get a piece of the job for 4-5 hours of work.
• It is unlikely that you will get a one-off assignment for more than 10 hours of work.

• we have already cancelled three applicants, due to them breaking the specified working pattern.

• Every 10-20 hours (as mutually agreed)

It is requested to:
1. Confirm knowledge of and experience with ALL of the above techniques.
2. Confirm if the specified above work pattern is suitable for you.
3. Indicate your hourly rate
4. Briefly describe your experience, examples if possible
5. Specify in detail which requirements in this document you cannot fulfil. Suggest an option / change of your own.
6. There is no charge for the introductory period (your time spent familiarising yourself with the existing structure of the website). Confirm if you agree.

Without information on your part on the last six points your application will not be considered.

Thank you
  • Less than 30 hrs/week
  • More than 6 months 6+ months
    Project Length Duration
  • Intermediate
    I am looking for a mix of experience and value Experience Level
  • Project Type: Ongoing project

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