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23 days ago

Maximum 3-5 days for completing the requirements!

We have already designed some bits of the template for the Blog.

1. Sort out issues with the Blog post page, and content page.
2. Want a sidebar that appears the same on the Blogpost page and Blog content page. The sidebar has to be in accordance with a reference website.
3. We have a menu of categories and subcategories, but want to create filters so that we can access categories and sub-categories as we want.  
4. Most importantly we want the developer-designer to show us how he/she works out the issues because we want to implement them on the other Blog as well.

More details:

Parent Category - XYZ
Categories - All Post | Math | Physics | Biology …..
Sub Categories: There is no sub category in All Post but there are Sub Categories in Maths | Physics | Biology…. And so on.
Sub Categories for Math: Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, etc….
Sub Categories for Physics: Mechanics, Electricity,…

The main page should be the All Post page wherein all the posts belonging to any category (Math, Physics, Bio….) or one of their sub-categories (Algebra, Mechanics…..) should appear: 8-10 post per page. From the READ MORE BUTTON one can reach the post content page and read the full post; where the readers can post their comments and receive a reply.
If the reader from the menu clicks on Math Category, they should see the Post page exactly as in the All Post Page wherein posts of only Maths are accessible and it should contain only sub-categories (Algebra, Geometry…..) only of Maths but no other Categories like Physics, Bio etc. should appear.. From the READ MORE BUTTON one can reach the same post content page which was accessible from the Main Page and read the full post; where the readers can post their comments and receive a reply.
Lastly, when the reader clicks on Sub-Categories, for example, Algebra or Geometry, the readers should see the only post related to Sub-categories of Algebra or Geometry and first appears the posting page where one can see all Posts. Then to read it should be same as above.  
FOR SIDEBAR design I CAN SHOW A REFERENCE WEBSITE. Whether it is a post page or post content page the same sidebar should appear.
With a screen shared call. we may be able to explain our requirements much better.


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