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Write Customized Compliments and First Lines for Cold Email


9 days ago

I need a writer to write highly custom first line compliments for email outreach.

I will pay $0.50 USD per compliment. I will have about a hundred or so a week. ($50)

The writer will need to investigate the business, look through their website and find a nice compliment for them. They should not spend more than a couple of minutes on each compliment.

Their compliments should be so personalized, that they could not possibly be sent to anyone else in the world.

Do not be generic.

Compliments must be neither be overly formal or informal.

If a compliment comes back and it is low quality or has to be rewritten, it will be subtracted from the total compensation.

Example of how I would write a High-Quality Compliment.

Business: (link removed)/

I would go to the website and look around, you can usually find out about the business under the About Section / History / Contact US.

From there, I would find the business owner's name and email.

Prospect: Kristen Green

I noticed the website had a press section that included articles in some high profile magazines.

Compliment: " I just read over the article in and was skimming the vineyard’s philosophy on the site. I admired the values that you and Jamie operate by.

I wanted to quickly reach out and introduce myself and my company. I couldn’t help but notice a disconnect between a very strong public relations focus (newsletters/ really really strong articles in heavy-hitting publications/ Stunning drone footage) and a rather minimalist website. "

Read through their website and notice how I called out, drone footage from the homepage, multiple news articles, their business partner.

It is so unique I could not possibly send it to anyone else in the world.

This is a great compliment.

Other examples:

"Hey Cat,

I wanted to reach out as I absolutely loved the site, and was reading up on Ehren's story with the vineyard. I noticed we both share a passion for flamenco guitar, though my I never really had the dexterity"

"Hey, Sarah,

Wishing you guys the best of luck with the coming Winery (great name!), I thought the story of how you and Ken met was super sweet."

"Hey, Bill,

I just read the vineyard's history and the tale about August, I was absolutely moved. Looking at the video, I have to compliment you on the values you grow by."

As a test. Please write a custom first line compliment about me.

Instagram: jaketvalentine

Twitter: jaketvalentine

Additionally please use the document below (Make a copy) and write 4 custom snips for the businesses.
Use the test to show your creativity and ability to use google docs.

Ensure you have Grammarly enabled and fix any mistakes.

Document Included Below.

Must make a copy and fill, then submit the link

Explanation Video:

Photo is an example of Bad Compliments. Dont say something generic like "Congrats on XXX Award" or "Congrats on being chosen the best wine for XXX"

Write something you would actually say, research and write something interesting.

  • $50
  • Intermediate
    I am looking for a mix of experience and value Experience Level
  • Project Type: Ongoing project

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Industry Experience
B2B Jobs
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Very Small (1-9 employees) Jobs
Email Marketing Services
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