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Paul P. - Expert Online Marketing & International Business

Paul P.

  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress
955 hours
United Kingdom
“I found Paul to be very proactive in his approach. Paul was easy to work with and has been available whenever I needed to speak to him. He has given me some good idea on how to...”
Julie R. - Website Copy and Content Writer

Julie R.

  • Email Marketing
179 hours
United Kingdom
“We have found Julie to be an exceptionally hard worker and picked-up the way our business operates from day 1, fitting straight into our team without the need for extensive and...”
Sari H. - Digital Marketing Professional

Sari H.

  • Email Marketing
  • English
87 hours
United Kingdom
“Sari did all as we requested and on time. She is very professional and I will definitely hire her again for my next Finnish project.”
Shashank P. - Economics & Finance Writer | Commodities Expert | Financial Markets

Shashank P.

  • Email Marketing
  • Sales
57 hours
United Kingdom
“Thanks for helping with the survey Shashank! Very professional experience.”
Dean A. - Copywriter | Digital Marketing Specialist | PPC Specialist

Dean A.

  • Email Marketing
  • Bing Ads
4,312 hours
United Kingdom
“Dean is the best copywriter that I have worked with. Not only is he a great copywriter but he also has the technical knowledge to test copy to ensure it converts. Highly recommend...”
Francesco M. - UI UX - Web Designer - Communication Specialist - Project Manager

Francesco M.

  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress
420 hours
United Kingdom
“Francesco is very knowledgeable and has great marketing skills. He also has great communication skills and is a quick learner to understand my specific needs while being able to...”
Lewis P. - Direct Response Sales Copywriter (Conversion-Focused)

Lewis P.

  • Email Marketing
71 hours
United Kingdom
“Lewis did great work and was on time, highly recommended, thank you!”
Juliana N. - Social Media, Blogger, Content Moderator

Juliana N.

  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress
1,454 hours
United Kingdom
“I like Juliana very much - she is lovely to deal with and I would recommend her! Katharine Founder of Adopted.com”
Cristine C. - Virtual Assistant/ Reports Specialist/ Web Researcher

Cristine C.

  • Email Marketing
  • Data Entry
2,025 hours
United Kingdom
“Cristine is a fantastic worker. Due to reasons beyond her control she was unable to meet all the requirements. It was responsible of her to let me know.”
Imani M. - Writer

Imani M.

  • Email Marketing
0 hours
United Kingdom
“Imani is so good at enhancing the writing as well as providing correction for flow, grammar and style. Always a pleasure!!”
Ivana A. - Editor, proofreader, blogger, marketing specialist, virtual assistant

Ivana A.

  • Email Marketing
  • Editing
117 hours
United Kingdom
“I can only recommend Ivana. I have been able to delegate a lot of different and rather complex task to her and she was able to pick them up very fast. Will definitely hire her...”
Phil S. - High quality HTML emails designed for you

Phil S.

  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress
603 hours
United Kingdom

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