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Johnnie O. - Exepert Web Designer Specializing in WordPress

Johnnie O.

  • Social Media Marketing
454 hours
United States
“Johnnie created an excellent website for me in quite a short space of time. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!”
Tameka M. - Digital Marketer

Tameka M.

  • Social Media Marketing
3,206 hours
United States
“Tameka did an awesome job for me and I would use her again without any hesitation”
Maria K. - Writer/Editor

Maria K.

  • Social Media Marketing
232 hours
United States
Arif I. - Agency Project Manager/Account Manager

Arif I.

  • Social Media Marketing
655 hours
United States
“Arif is very adaptable and works well in a team environment. Unfortunately the timing of our work wasn't congruent with his time commitment to school. I would hire Arif again...”
Lauren M. - Freelance Writer/Voice Talent/Marketing Director/Blogger

Lauren M.

  • Social Media Marketing
219 hours
United States
“Lauren delivered on time, and within budget. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality writer in the fashion or jewelry niche.”
Shanna G. - Writer/Blogger/Editor

Shanna G.

  • Social Media Marketing
1,392 hours
United States
“Thank you Shawna! I will look for another opportunity for us to work together again!”
Marissa V. - Experienced Writer & Blogger

Marissa V.

  • Social Media Marketing
10 hours
United States
“Marissa has an extremely professional voice, and wrote successfully about a topic that is extremely complex and ambiguous. We were thrilled with the success of this project.”
Anna G. - Real Estate Marketing Professional

Anna G.

  • Social Media Marketing
1 hours
United States
“Anna is the best freelancer I've worked with on Upwork! Her writing is clear and has a light-hearted tone. She meets all deadlines, communicates well, and has great suggestions....”
Charles D. - Out of the box thinker & superb Digital Marketer

Charles D.

  • Social Media Marketing
947 hours
United States
“Chuck did a great job with creating a new website for us. It looks like it will help us out a lot with sales and bounce rate (only time will tell). He also made sure that we could...”
Tejas P. - Copywriter/Writer/Developing Strategist/Web Design/Editor/Video

Tejas P.

  • Social Media Marketing
159 hours
United States
“Tejas was phenomenal to work with. He was available whenever I needed him. He knows his craft very well and even suggested some ideas that will improve my business! I would recommend...”
Chelsea K. - SMM/Creative Blogging and Article Writing and Video Freelancer

Chelsea K.

  • Social Media Marketing
334 hours
United States
“Chelsea did wonderful work for us on social media. She is prompt, responsive and on top of things. Chelsea is a real pleasure to work with.”
Zach P. - PR & Digital Marketing Pro

Zach P.

  • Social Media Marketing
201 hours
United States

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Hire Social Media Marketing Specialists near Greenwich

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