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Brian W. - Business and Marketing Strategist

Brian W.

  • Email Marketing
679 hours
United States
“Brian went beyond what was expected, he really fully studied our project, gave detailed guidelines and various suggestions, he made our digital strategy much clearer to conduct....”
Gabrielle N. - Social Media Strategist + Copywriter

Gabrielle N.

  • Email Marketing
1,942 hours
United States
“This is the second project with Gabrielle and she was very quick and thorough with her analysis. Definitely recommend her services for actionable insights.”
Tameka M. - Digital Marketer

Tameka M.

  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress
3,476 hours
United States
“Tameka was skilled, professional, and delivered the work on time. I would use her again.”
Jaime H. - Copywriting | Blogs | Content Marketing | Brand Development | Branding

Jaime H.

  • Email Marketing
  • Writing
9,025 hours
United States
“It was a great pleasure to work with Jaime! She completed the project successfully, meeting our project requirements and deadlines well! I enjoyed her open communication and...”
Nick M. - Writer and Marketer

Nick M.

  • Email Marketing
  • Scripting
349 hours
United States
“Nick is a consummate professional, and we are very happy with his work to help manage our social media presence. He always submits work on time, and the quality of work is great....”
George D. - Article Writer, Blog Author, Copywriter, and Copyeditor

George D.

  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design
9 hours
United States
“Doug is very professional and the quality of his work always exceeds our expectations. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs original and compelling articles in...”
Andriy B. - Email Marketing & Automation Consultant

Andriy B.

  • Email Marketing
  • ConvertKit
135 hours
United States
“Easy to communicate, punctual, professional, capable. High recommendation.”
Richard A. - Online Marketing Expert & Consultant (Funnels, Lead Gen, Facebook Ads)

Richard A.

  • Email Marketing
243 hours
United States
“I would highly recommend Richard to anyone looking to optimize, strategize, and/or help complete any direct response campaign or online marketing material. He is a very experienced...”
Susan T. - Visual and Graphic Designer

Susan T.

  • Email Marketing
  • Keynote
63 hours
United States
“Susan was very quick in completing the work and submitted a high quality of work well before the short deadline I gave her. Very happy with her work!”
Alex P. - Sales Copywriter - High Converting Landing Pages + Emails

Alex P.

  • Email Marketing
115 hours
United States
“Alex was fantastic to work with, he excels and everything he does and we will certainly be using his services again!”
Jared D. - Direct Response Copywriter Specializing In Story-Based Marketing

Jared D.

  • Email Marketing
442 hours
United States
“Jared is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly.”
Josh M. - Direct Response Sales Copywriter... High CONVERSIONS

Josh M.

  • Email Marketing
177 hours
United States

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Hire Email Marketing Specialists near Hoboken

You’re looking for a Email Marketing Specialists in the Hoboken area who can contribute to a key project. If you’re like many hiring managers, your budget is tight – your schedule even tighter. Upwork can help you identify, hire and work with a local freelancer who’s best suited for your job – faster, smarter and more affordably than ever. With streamlined Upwork processes, you serve as your own personal talent recruiter. You can have your preferred Email Marketing Specialists on board and up and running on your priority project or initiative in a matter of days and at a fraction of the cost of an outside agency. Upwork offers technology and resources to pick up where the streamlined freelancer hiring process leaves off. From a centralized online platform, you can perform multiple project tasks including tracking and documenting job progress and milestones, collaborating with your freelancer and project team, and making freelancer payments.

All of this is designed to save you time and minimize the impact to your overall job responsibilities. Upwork offers comprehensive training and education resources and dedicated support services team to smooth out any bumps in the road and ensure smooth sailing from hiring to project completion. As you complete projects using Upwork, you start building a roster of proven freelance talent who are ready to jump in on future projects. Comprising your “Talent Cloud,” they’re familiar with your business, operations and corporate culture. They allow you to sidestep much of freelancer hiring process, and are equipped to “hit the ground running” and jumpstart your project.

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