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Maura H. - Digital Marketing Specialist

Maura H.

  • Social Media Marketing
1,899 hours
United States
“I have Maura on another project currently. Recommend highly to persons requiring high quality writing works”
Stacey R. - Small Business Marketing Specialist

Stacey R.

  • Social Media Marketing
334 hours
United States
“fantastic to work with will definately use again!”
Jacqueline L. - Art Director | Marketer | Visual Storyteller

Jacqueline L.

  • Social Media Marketing
43 hours
United States
“This is our second successful project with Jacqueline in the past few months. I hope it's not the last. We had some difficult restrictions on what we were trying to achieve but...”
Rick S. - Your Online Presence Matters

Rick S.

  • Social Media Marketing
3,019 hours
United States
“Ricky gave me everything I asked for in a very prompt manner. I would totally recommend him, and will hire him again for future work”
Melissa R. - Freelance Writer/Editor

Melissa R.

  • Social Media Marketing
986 hours
United States
“Great experience! Melissa did a great job with the project I requested and delivered it within the time agreed upon. Look forward to working with her on future projects.”
Haley G. - Ecommerce copywriting and web content

Haley G.

  • Social Media Marketing
298 hours
United States
“Haley is very professional and follows the instructions. She was very helpful and knowledgeable.”
Christy M. - Content Creator, Copywriter, Wordsmith

Christy M.

  • Social Media Marketing
37 hours
United States
“Christy was a pleasure to work with. She delivered top quality work with a very quick turn-around. We need four blog articles created in three days, and she did them in two. The...”
Michelle C. - Graphic Designer/Brand Development Consultant

Michelle C.

  • Social Media Marketing
355 hours
United States
Brittany W. - Graphic Designer

Brittany W.

  • Social Media Marketing
6 hours
United States
“As always, Brittany does an amazing job.”
Jennifer S. - Social Media Manager / Graphic Designer

Jennifer S.

  • Social Media Marketing
0 hours
United States
“Jennifer was a joy to work with and she dellivered a quality flyer on time. She has a great eye for color and design. I would highly recommend Jennifer. Wonderful to see a U.S....”
Tristin B. - Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist

Tristin B.

  • Social Media Marketing
0 hours
United States
“Tristin is very prompt, communicates clearly, works with you, is very agreeable, and does great work. She is a pleasure to work with.”
Maureen H. - Writer-Editor: 10+ Years' Experience w/ Books, Magazines, & Blogs

Maureen H.

  • Social Media Marketing
49 hours
United States

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Hire Social Media Marketing Specialists near Washington, D. C.

You’re looking for a Social Media Marketing Specialists in the Washington, D. C. area who can contribute to a key project. If you’re like many hiring managers, your budget is tight – your schedule even tighter. Upwork can help you identify, hire and work with a local freelancer who’s best suited for your job – faster, smarter and more affordably than ever. With streamlined Upwork processes, you serve as your own personal talent recruiter. You can have your preferred Social Media Marketing Specialists on board and up and running on your priority project or initiative in a matter of days and at a fraction of the cost of an outside agency. Once your Social Media Marketing Specialists is on board, Upwork provides technology and resources to assist you and your freelancer throughout the project. From a centralized online platform, you can track and document job progress and milestones, collaborate, and make freelancer payments.

Upwork makes working with your freelancer easy. Turnkey, customizable training and education resources, along with white-glove support services from a dedicated team of Upwork experts, help remove any obstacles, so you can focus on your project finish line. As you successfully engage freelancers on Upwork, you start building “bench strength” with a roster of proven freelance talent. They represent your “Go To” team for future project needs. You’ll breathe easier knowing that should you need it, you’ll have direct access to experienced Upwork freelancers who are as familiar with your business as you are with them.

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