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ABS Web Development Group
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ABS Web Development Team envisions itself to be a prominent and trusted web services firm in the industry, dedicated to provide quality solutions and produce ideal answers to mobilize businesses in the World Wide Web.

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Web Developer

– Present / $126.00  (18 hrs @ $7.00/hr)

Job in progress

PHP development and debugging on MVC

/ $87.42  (10 hrs @ $8.89/hr)

like to work with Readul,a nice and direct guy - the project I was working on with her merged into a new company so have to switch contracts over now

WordPress Work and Customization - Possible Long-term Work Available.

/ $3,295.38  (476 hrs @ $7.78/hr)

For the first 3-4 months, Elly was a God-send. He was friendly and outgoing, did quality work quickly and efficiently, and was capable of interpreting and understanding instructions, and coming up with his own solutions to problems. My only complaint was that he never once hit an assigned deadline... or even came close to it, but that was worth the quality of work that he did.Then he started working less and less until he went from working full time to 2 hours per day. He took on other projects, started spending his time teaching himself additional skills, and started teaching in his community, which all would have been great, except that he wasn't working on my project. He still promised to do work, but started missing deadlines by greater and greater amounts (think 3+ months instead of 2 weeks to complete 1 task list), and eventually, he stopped working altogether. He came online, but worked for maybe 1 hour a week... maybe.I tried encouraging him with bonuses, extra work, more money... I did favors for him, but nothing seemed to help. And when my deadlines got REALLY tight, instead of stepping up, he took MORE time off than ever before.Now, you might be wondering why I didn't fire him by this point. Well, I did hire new designers to do his work, but Elly was the only one who knew how the website worked, and he wasn't around to train the new designers. Luckily, I had a site backup made before any of the new ones started working, because they immediately broke the website, and Elly hadn't made a backup in 6 months DESPITE having a plug-in installed (by my request) that's supposed to do automatic backups! He was the only one who could fix it, and he came online long enough (over the course of a month) to fix most of the damage, but to this day, there are still problems from that website break 2 months ago that haven't been dealt with.In the last 2 months, I've had to cycle through 5+ web designers trying to make up for the work that he didn't do. My project is at LEAST 2 months behind now, and I have to launch it anyway, unfinished and not ready for public viewing, and all because he wouldn't do his work.As I type this, he hasn't worked for 13 days. My deadline was yesterday.I think that pretty much speaks for itself.