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SeaGrape Technologies Agency
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SeaGrape Technologies is a Technology company set up by a team of experienced technologists. Our goal is too deliver satisfaction to our clients technology needs in the best possible manner.

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Mobile app: Sharepoint image publishing, with comment

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Logo and design for

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I need a new website

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The boss is not professional at all, he started to swear. I made a printscreen of this.After this I decided I could not blame the guys who work for him so I wanted to give them a chance by hiring them directly. That is when I hired - Pavan (designer)- Santosh (developer)Pavan said he understood me. I made a text file explaining all I want. Every time he promised me ''I show you a stunning luxurious design within few days'' And every time he showed me just something plain without putting to much effort in it.I got tired of this so I looked up a sample website, I told and showed him exactly how we want our homepage and I gave this to him. Yet he failed.So I asked my brother - who is a designer- to design the homepage and send it to Pavan. My brother did, he sent it to Pavan and Pavan sent me after 2 times 3 days..NOTHING. He only made it look more ugly. By that time I asked my brother to design the other pages and again I asked pavan to show me his professional skills, but yet he failed.Conclusion: my brother who is just a designer student can do better than Pavan.Why pay for a company that wasted my time, did nothing I asked for?It is fair enough That I get the 100 usd money back.However I have to say: Pavan is a good person! And if you are looking for average, that he can do! Maybe I am looking for too much, but well they promised me much :)