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Android/iOS and Embedded(Linux and bare metal) developer with experience of porting Linux to different devices. My #1 goal is to meet your needs and fit the schedule. My experience and skills: — Android: (Java+Kotlin Mutliplatform) ViewModels, LiveData, Fragments API, RTMP Video Streaming, Activity Detection API, Location and Sensors API, SQLite and ORM, Realm, ExoPlayer customisations (HLS), etc; — Embedded Android / Android Automotive OS (Audio routing, Audio HAL, drivers, custom services) — iOS (iPhone/iPad universal apps written in Swift + SwiftUI) — Embedded systems (Linux kernel platform and device drivers, uClibc, buildroot, uboot, BLE devices (TI CC2541), STM32 and ESP32/ESP8266 based systems, WICED environment) — Opensource GSM/UMTS/LTE stacks (OpenBSC, OsmoBTS, OpenBTS, OsmocomBB, etc) — Reverse engineering with IDA Pro (ARM, x86, C166) — Assembler (ARM, Atmel AVR, x86, C166, Z80) — IDE: Android Studio, CLion, XCode, Arduino IDE, Eclipse, LiteIDE; — OS: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows;

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