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We have fully distribute team of professionals with great defined workflow with high speed and quality of results in mind. Use Lean Startup methodology, A/B tests, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration for finding product/market fit and building successful business model of the website with fast iterations. We have references from previous customers if needed. Some of our recent projects include: 1) CROmetrics - the dashboard We are working on a client dashboard for the best Growth Marketing agency in the USA(Delivery partner of the year by Optimizely). We have done a few versions of the dashboard already. The current version allows customers to see the progress of all the experiments currently running and interact between the CROmetrics team and the customer's team. The dashboard is kept in sync with internal JIRA and Optimizely to keep all the current statuses and statistics of the A/B experiments. 2) Loyalty system for the largest retail group in the Middle East We built from the ground up and kept supporting the loyalty system for the largest retail group in the Middle East(2100+ fashion retail stores) for three years. We did deep integration with the POS terminals to analyze each customer's purchase history and allow the marketing team to send notifications regarding clearance and seasonal sales. We also did the rest API to support the Alhokair mobile app with e-checks, loyal virtual cards, and personal announcements for loyal customers about sales related to their purchase history. 3) Playright - self-exclusion application for addicted players. We made the self-exclusion application, consist of BLE tracking devices installed in casinos, the mobile app for android/ios and server-based app. BLE tracking devices track the mobile phones with installed applications and send logs to the server. The server application analyzes the players' sessions and alerts casino workers to ask a person to leave if he shouldn't be in the place at that time. 4) Blueair - various internal applications spread across the world. Blueair is Sweden manufacturer of air-cleaning devices(part of Unilever company). We did internal tools to deploy into different AWS regions simultaneously (including Mainland China AWS, which has some complications: it is a separate company, not one another AWS region as we know connection to Chinese servers is unstable because of Great internet firewall of China in Mainland China, many services like GitHub or Google do not work, so simple docker container deploy needs a lot more effort

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.NET Framework
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure

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