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I am an experienced full-stack software engineer, digital product expert and technology leader. I enjoy managing teams of developers and excel at communicating with designers, business stakeholders and end users. My goals for any project are great user experience, cross-browser and responsive compatibility, and building a solid domain-driven foundation for future expansion and change. I treat software development as an art form, and deliver clean, test-driven and object-oriented development practices to every project I lead. Let's talk nuts and bolts for a moment, just in case you're not convinced I know my tech :) What do I love right now? What should you be looking at to build your next project? Glad you asked! My clients and I love React Native, Flutter, NativeScript, React, VueJS, Material UI, Node.js, Laravel, Serverless, AWS/lambda/Google cloud, Go, Rust, Nuxt.js, mobile video, and Hugo. Web and mobile streaming video playback and recording? You betcha. Web sockets and real time communication (RTC)? Covered. IoT? Let's be cyborgs. Very experienced WordPress developer - HTML, CSS and PHP. I work with it on a daily basis and have probably been involved in over 150 projects/sites. I'm a great communicator and am always available and respond very quickly through email. I've been working with HTML, CSS, and WordPress for the past 5 years.

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