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All kind of Crowdfunding websites - exactly our line of work during last 3 years. We developed a script (clone of gofundme/indiegogo/kickstarter) and we can install it to your server in couple hours. Fully featured, ready to go. We can customize it in ANY way you need. We can integrate ANY payment gateway (Pay Pal or Stripe or WePay or any local payment gateway) and we can integrate ANY design, add ANY feature! So this website can be used for crowd investments for startups or investments in real estate or peer2peer type of websites, or regular charity crowdfunding... or for a special niche/idea. We are extremely interested in long term relationships and hope to stay on technical support on a crowdfunding website we develop for you. All these websites below are crowdfunding websites made by us on the basis of our crowdfunding script: http://wishbucket.com.au/ http://www.spnsrme.com/ http://www.thewealthinvestors.com/ - crowd funding for real estate http://lasersforeducation.com http://wares.cool/natalie/ - group buying, bulk ordering, crowdfunding for new innovative prototypes. http://versetti.co/ http://versetti.co/campaigns/ http://fundthensmile.com http://IMakeThatHappen.com http://WishForIt.co.za - Choose the gifts you`ve always wanted - post your gifts to your online wishlist - allow friends and family to contribute http://10crowd.com/ http://www.mobanaira.com/ http://fundmiflip.com/ http://gofundeducation.com/ http://usaimmigrationfunding.com http://sponsorfrenzy.com I suggest to work in 2 main steps: 1 STEP - installation of basis script - fully working crowdfunding website to your server. List of features you'll receive for $450: http://www.crowdfunding-software-platform.com/features.php I can install script along with responsive design. 2 STEP - it's customization according to your needs. Price of this work is $30 per hour + UpWork's fees. Let's meet in Skype and I'll give you a tour through the script will explain everything about payment gateways, social websites integration... and will show admin area of the script. Will show unique features I developed for crowdfunding websites... Thanks, Natasha

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