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* A dynamic and highly motivated full stack engineer with over 6 years of experience building scalable web applications/APIs with NodeJs, Javascript, Typescript, NestJs, ReactJs and MongoDb through diligent work ethic, creative contributions during sprint planning and healthy collaboration on various communication channels with other team members to achieve excellence in delivering quality software * A resilient team member that adapts well with diverse cultural shifts, understands dynamic priorities and security requirements of fast paced industry who excels in taking unfamiliar challenges (e.g 3 in the last 6months) and building web based tools for back-end and front-end to deliver quality results leveraging existing technology to implement automations in processes that sometimes surpass expectations * An enthusiastic learner with strong attention to detail who visualizes every new challenge as a learning experience; great at simplifying and solving complex problems in an optimally productive manner, sharing experiences, learning from other team members and mentoring younger engineers.

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