- Google Adwords Certified Partner (Latest certification) - Analytics Certified Individual - Microsoft adCenter Accredited Professional Skills and Highly Experienced:- Google Ads/Adwords • Facebook Ad Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Digital Marketing • Marketing • PPC • Management • Google Analytics •ROAS I am a certified Google Adwords PPC expert and online marketing strategy consultant with over two years of experience in the field. I currently manage several pay-per-click campaigns with a monthly spending budget of over $10K+ for my clients' websites. I have experience with small spending budgets as low as $10 per day up to large budgets in the range of $5,000 per day. I was involved in practically all segments of Internet paid advertising, starting from basics and campaign management until advanced operations, such as brand positioning and annual media strategies. This personal, professional development allowed me to gain a wide range of operative and strategic experiences and skills. Job at a media agency allowed me to do my best and cooperate with many domestic and international brands from various industries. My projects also include organic campaigns, emphasizing improving both on-page and off-page SEO for my clients and achieving long-term sustainable results on search engines. *********All of my efforts, whether from organic efforts or paid ad campaigns, will be focused on getting the best possible ROI for my clients, and every investment is thoroughly justified through results*********** P.S Some hashtags that help us find each other Google Adwords, Google display ads, Google Search Ads, Google Shopping ads, Google Analytics, Google Search console, GTM, Facebook remarketing, Google Remarketing, Facebook audience research, Bing ads, Shopify SEO, eCommerce Marketing, Amazon FBA, Amazon SEO, Amazon Marketing, Data Analytics #conversionrateoptimization #ecommerceplatformdevelopment #eCommercedevelopment #websiteoptimization #websitecustomization #websitemigration #eCommercewebsite #googleanalytics #A/Btesting #googleoptimize #convert-A/Btesting #copywriting #brandconsulting #branddevelopment #marketingstrategy #storytelling #brandidentity #branding #digitalmarketing #facebookadvertising #growthstrategy #projectmanagement #advertising #facebookpixel #ABsplittesting #optimizely #conversionrate #splittesting #pagespeed #pagespeedinsights #googlepagespeed #pagespeedoptimization

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