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Everything we do, we believe in creating sustainable businesses and industries. Together with you, we make artificial intelligence products and solutions that shape enterprises and the world. The products and solutions we develop increase your enterprise’s efficiency. We are a technology company building the next generation of applied artificial intelligence systems. We partner with you to solve the hardest problems challenging your business. We understand that problem solving doesn’t always come with a blueprint. At Dacian Consulting, we proud ourselves with our flexible and adaptable framework for building AI systems. Moreover, we strive to create cohesive communities around the products we build. Our focus is on practical solutions for multiple business functions that boost enterprise efficiency. We understand how challenging it is to build an in-house artificial intelligence team. People are vital to the success of any technology project, that is why we support you when you need us, irrespective of how far along you are with your AI projects within your organisation. At Dacian Consulting, we have an interdisciplinary team, consisting of AI specialists, architects, developers, designers, product experts, and project managers with long-lasting expertise in artificial intelligence. Our experts always feed into different assignments. We encourage our team to participate and share their experiences in projects spanning multiple industries and business functions. People and businesses share the same digital world. You and your company produce data every second. We believe that that data is the fuel for an ecosystem of specialised artificial intelligence systems. These systems work alongside your teams to improve operations and increase efficiency. At Dacian Consulting, we support you in harnessing the power of your data. We want to build new worlds together. Our dream is to create artificial intelligence that changes the world and makes it sustainable. Our journey started in 2015 with a brainstorming session on how we can achieve that dream. After shifting through multiple ideas, we decided to incorporate as a general data science consultancy where ‘we did everything’. Having worked with a few clients, we realised that changing the world is harder than we thought. It is during the first year of our existence that we understood that we could not be everything. Thus we started to specialise in imagining, building, and managing artificial intelligence products and services together with our clients focused on increasing enterprise efficiency. Nowadays, as we continue to build new AI systems, we strive to surround ourselves with the best people and the best business. We now know that changing the world requires trust, collaborations, partnerships, and communities of like-minded people and companies. Our society has advanced enough that it is not possible to transform an industry alone. We are in an age where enlightenment comes in teams. Only together we can build new worlds.

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