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Enhancing life probably sounds cliché, a marketing BS. Even so, it’s the driving force for everything we do under Lieur’s flag—despite the fact that we’re merely a small web and brand design clinic based in Malang, ID. Lieur Company is run by Rukma Wira Pratista and Rizqi Nizamil Putra. For the last few years, the two of us worked independently as freelancers. Rukma designed brands, interfaces, and illustrations, while Rizqi made standards-compliant HTML-CSS website and email templates. We combined forces and named the studio Lieur. It means “dizzy” in Sundanese, and we’re not going to try to convince you that this name has a deeper, philosophical meaning. We just like the word. :p As a tiny team, we’re focused on providing a limited set of services. We’ll be a good match for you if you need the following services with a budget from 1,000 to 10,000 USD: · User Interface Design · Front-End Development · Brand & Identity Design · Editorial Design · Illustration Whether you'd like to get started right away, want to say hi, or have some questions in mind, simply reach out to us. P.S. · All of Lieur's founders are Muslims, so we explicitly refuse works containing haraam materials. On the flipside, we offer special discounts for Islamic projects! · Aside from running Lieur Company, we also curate design freebies at and manage a list of awesome design and development tools at Check them out.

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