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Greetings, With more than 8 years of experience as a Software Engineer, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. I'm particularly active in the open-source community, contributing significantly to the Flutter ecosystem and its Firebase packages. Throughout my career, I've developed, delivered, and published over 70 software solutions that have garnered high praise and satisfied users. My experience has enabled me to provide valuable contributions to over 15 companies or teams, enhancing their products and services. As a project manager and tech lead, I am well-equipped to bring technical value to your next venture. Let's create something extraordinary together. Here are some highlights from my career: Flutter: Over the past 7 years, I've published 5+ mobile applications and built 50+ Flutter applications for satisfied clients. I've led a team of over 10 developers, delivering modern, scalable, and robust mobile solutions. Firebase: I possess significant expertise in Firebase, especially when it comes to scaling solutions rapidly. My proficiency with the SDK allows me to design scalable solutions without compromising on features. Cloud Computing: As an Indie developer, I've utilized various cloud services, including GCP, Digital Ocean, AWS, and Cloud ways. MongoDB and Redis: I've learned how to design scalable applications using cutting-edge caching mechanisms with Redis and high-performance MongoDB instances from Digital Ocean. Stripe: I've extensively used Stripe for payments, with the apps I've developed processing over $1M without any software issues. I'm also the author of the stripe_terminal package on pub.dev, a Flutter package that interfaces with Stripe hardware readers. Internet Computer and Blockchain: I've been one of the early adopters and developers on the Internet Computer blockchain, a rising competitor to Ethereum. My focus has primarily been on the Flutter side of this technology. Native Code Execution: I have extensive experience running native C/C++ code on both Android and iOS. As a Flutter developer, I've integrated native code into a Flutter app using technologies like dart:ffi, CMake, Method Channel, JNI, and Platform Views. Beacons: I have a good experience with Bluetooth beacons, having worked with iBeacons, Eddystone, and frameworks like CoreLocation, CoreBluetooth, AltBeacon, etc. Indoor Positioning: I've worked with Navigine, a leading Indoor positioning company, and even developed the Flutter SDKs for their service. GPS Tracking: Beyond beacon technology, I have a deep understanding of GPS and tracking technologies, including Geofencing on both Android and iOS. WebRTC (Video/Audio Calling/VoIP): I've worked with applications that feature VoIP services. I have direct experience with services like Jitsi, Agora, WebRTC, and QuickBlox. I've had the privilege of working in various sectors, including Education, Internet of Things, Bluetooth Beacons, Audio/Video Calling, Custom Barcode Scanning and Designing, Fleet Management, Fintech/Stock Market, and Social Networking Apps, among others. Looking forward to our collaboration.

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