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Is your organization on the cusp of greatness? Are you in need of some extra oomph to get to the next level?Perhaps your processes needs to cut waste, improve quality, and efficiency? Are your teams disjointed or under trained? Do you want to strengthen your organizational culture? Could your organization benefit from an outside review or detailed audit? If so here's how I can be of service • Over 15 years’ experience in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma • Lead over 100+ employees in driving cultural and infrastructure changes with best practices, Kaizen events • Build training standards, procedures, operational guides • Compile and use data to drive decision making • Oversee/manage growth to ensure long term organizational success • Evaluate organizational/program effectiveness, collaborate with stakeholders, train and lead teams • Perform in depth system audits and recommend corrective action • Waste elimination (defects, over processing, waiting, skill utilization, transportation, inventory, motion, and extra processing) • Variation reduction (Measurement, Method, People, Machine, Environment, and Material) Over the course of my career I have worked with some of the largest manufactures in the US food industry. My ability to improve processes is second to none. Teams I have lead have reduced defective production by 30%, reduced customer complaints by 25%. I have developed multi employees from the hourly ranks into management and several employees from supervision to mid-level management roles. Lead several multi-million dollar production expansion projects. Developed numerous training modules and best practices. Created company-wide audits that focus on risk and performance to KPIs. Reduced customer complaints by by root cause evaluation, timely feedback, and exceptional follow through. Misc. Highlights • Created a PDCA template for responses to help drive improvement • Create procedures and policy that reduced the plants shortcomings in Customer Complaints, GMP compliance, conformance to Standards, SPC, QS conformance, and sanitation while also driving attribute defect reduction. • Seven consecutive years of improvement based on all corporate quality measures • Reduce customer complaints by 25% • Lead various teams in identifying the root cause and nature of complaints to not only determine why specific complaints happen but also what characteristics and behaviors lead to the complaints. • Use product hold data to drive improvements through hourly and management employees and also conduct Kaizen events. • Reduce monthly hold inventory from over 2 million to less than 100k • Provides cost effective and strategic direction to ensure plant operations achieve or exceed requirements. I believe in getting to the root cause and working my way to solutions from there. And I always remember the power of team work and using a multitude of perspectives to help paint a clear picture for the problem at hand.

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