We bring testing solutions to our customers. Focusing on Web we provide both manual and automation testing


He are here if you need: Audit your app - You will have general idea of your app's weak areas (quality-wise) and which types of testing will be the most beneficial for you and our suggestions on development process improvements. And the best part is - it's absolutely free!​​​​​​​ Set Up QA process - Testing process will work as it should, which will save your time and money Add QA Engineers to your team -  You'll have new QA experts added to your team shortly Document all test activities​​​​​​​ - Your testing documentation will always be clear and in order Report - You will always have reports on what is tested, which tests were executed, how many bugs were found and how severe they are Automation testing - SetUp Automation framework and develop auto-tests for you which will enable you to decrease manual testing efforts

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QA Testing

App audit, set Up QA process from scratch or improve existed one, add QA Engineers to your team, make your testing documentation ordered and clear, automate tests


  1. Test Design
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Test Report
  4. Quality Audit
  5. Software QA
  6. Quality Inspection
  7. Test Plan
  8. Quality Control
  9. QA Engineering
  10. QA Software & Testing Tools
  11. Test Automation
  12. QA Management
  13. QA Testing
  14. Automated Testing
  15. Automation

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