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We specialize in making Conversion Rate Optimization Services both affordable and practical for small to medium-sized businesses in 2 ways: 1) We isolate your biggest conversion problem first. Most CRO firms, understandably, prefer to gather and analyze web traffic data for at least 30-90 days before designing a blueprint to optimize the site. For larger website with at least $500k-$1million a year in profit, this is the wisest and best approach for CRO. But for smaller sites who need to make every single capital investment count and generate ROI quickly, this approach is simply impractical. Therefore and based upon more than 200 optimization projects, we have developed a 7-point site audit that isolates the biggest conversion problem first. We then develop a solution to fix the problem and set up testing to verify that our solution significantly and statistically boosts conversions. As our team is helping to fix, test and verify the solution to the primary conversion problem, we continue to analyze your web data to develop a more comprehensive, long-term plan to address all problems. 2) We Employ Flex Staffing With more than 10 years of online marketing and optimization experience, we have developed an extensive network of professional SEO, SMM, UX, web programming, and other online experts to help us complete projects. The simple truth is that there are simply too many platforms, business models, and website components to have a full-time team that could possibly do everything necessary for a full website optimization. So to keep your costs low, we maintain a core staff of web analysts and optimization experts. Once our analysis is complete, we then activate the appropriate experts necessary to complete each phase of the optimization. However, you are also welcome to use your own internal staff to implement the optimization blueprint with coordination from our staff. In fact... We Offer 3 Basic Levels of Service 1) Web Traffic Analysis and Optimization Blueprint Ok, this is NOT our initial web audit. That is specifically to quickly isolate your biggest conversion problem and provide an estimate of ROI from CRO services. Our initial web audit is actually free and we will discuss it a little later. Our Web Traffic Analysis and Optimization Blueprint takes up to 4 weeks to complete and costs vary depending on your site size, complexity, and business model. When completed, you will receive two reports plus 1 hour of direct 1-on-1 consultation to answer all questions. Report 1: Comprehensive Site Audit Isolating All Significant Conversion Issues Report 2: Optimization Blueprint Service 2: CRO Consulting Any clients who opt for the CRO consulting will also receive the Comprehensive Site Audit and Optimization Blueprint. During consulting, we will help set-up split tests, guide internal staff with implementation of Optimization Blueprint, and provide a monthly ROI Report detailing progress and results. Service 3: Full Optimization Implementation Again, thanks to our flex-staffing, we offer comprehensive optimization services including: Redesign of Web Pages/Themes A/B Split Testing Set Up/Monitoring UX Development and Optimization Email Marketing Optimization Onsite SEO PPC Marketing Optimization Web Programming and Platform Configuration Google Analytics and Tag Manager Configuration and Set-Up Heat Mapping Set-Up and Analysis Landing Page/PD Optimization Traffic Channel Analysis and Optimization Order Processing/Checkout Optimization

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