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Experienced Full-stack web and mobile app engineer (MEAN, REACT, .NET), chatbot for Whatsapp, android, iOS, Twillio, Telegram platforms. I am skilled at taking your project from just an unrefined idea to a digital product that meets your goals and objectives. Front-End technologies and tools: • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • React JS • Redux • Styled Components • Bootstrap • Skeleton • Materialize • Material UI • Ajax • JQuery Back End: • PHP • Java • Python • JavaScript • Mongoose Prototyping: •Adobe XD Databases: • MySql • Oracle • MongoDB Web server: • Node js • Apache • IIS

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Web Development

Fullstack web and mobile development agency with vast experience in chat bot development, web application design and development. Proficient with Node.JS, REACT, ANGULAR, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB among others. I have over 12 years experience developing custom solutions.


  1. Ionic Framework
  2. Python
  3. PostgreSQL
  4. MongoDB
  5. Database Administration
  6. Mobile App Development
  7. IBM Watson
  8. Node.js
  9. API Development
  10. Angular
  11. React

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