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Poplify is a passionate team of expert who are adept at designing and building robust and scalable, web and mobile platforms. Our multidisciplinary team of strategy consultants, user experience designers, technical architects, engineers, testers and project managers have helped award winning startups to global companies, build new businesses, products, and experiences. Our work is grounded in your business strategy, has a deep empathy for your customers, and is underpinned by technology that can quickly deliver real value. Our approach is hands on (be prepared!), we help bring strategies to life quickly, so they can be touched and seen in a real environment and allow you to adapt and scale quickly. Our Agile software development process provides continuous delivery of high quality code, quickly and cost-effectively. User requirements are split into multiple sprints and following each sprint, we will have a review session, followed by a user acceptance testing period. 1) Your digital plan starts with research. We call this situation analysis. We analyse your business model including your value proposition (brand, product and services), your customer segments, your customer communication channels and your operations. We analyse your business goals and map out strategies and digital tactics that will help to take your business from where it is today to where you want it to be. 2) Once we have created your digital plan we will then set the wheels in motion to build your digital assets and campaigns. Our experts map out the build specification with clear deliverables and timelines and with our transparent communication policy you are always aware of our progress. We then realise and manage all aspects of your digital assets and campaigns 3) Our philosophy is to monitor, evaluate, innovate and improve. We consistently review the performance of your digital assets and campaigns and focus on innovating your digital strategies and tactics so that you are constantly improving your business and achieving your goals. KEY Activities:- Multiple sprint development - This phase will be split into multiple sprints, to be defined following the product prototyping phase. Each sprint will consist of the following: Development - Our development team build out user functionality allocated to the current sprint. Daily scrum meetings are held to give the team a chance to update project status, discuss solutions and challenges, and broadcast their progress. Internal review & testing - Post development we run an internal walkthrough followed by [unit and/or automated] testing of defined user journeys and validation tests against functional requirements and user interface designs. We go through at least 3 rounds of bug fixing per sprint to ensure we are confident in the platform’s stability. Full performance and device compatibility tests will be completed during integration testing outlined below. Integration Testing - At the final sprint we also perform integration testing where the individual modules are combined and tested as a group. Client sprint review meeting - We will push the developed code to a staging server. The Sprint review meetings will focus on user functionality walkthroughs. Sprint UAT Period - We will provide you access to the staging server/test apps to perform UAT (User Acceptance Testing) on the sprint functionality. All feedback can be collated using a self service platform. 2.) Skills Development :- Ruby On Rails , Ruby , Android App Development , ios App Development , My SQL ,HTML , HTML 5 , React Native , Ionic . Designing :- UI/UX Design , Adobe Photoshop CC , Adobe XD , Adobe Illustrator , Adobe InDesign , Adobe Premier , Sketch , Principle , Adobe After Effects , Canva , Corel Draw .

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