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Member of the Google Startup Surge Program & NVIDIA Inception Program Accepted into multiple business accelerators, Techstars, Canopy Boulder, The Yield Lab ICAgile Certified Professional I am a Technology Enthusiast with a passion for learning, sharing, and critical thinking. I build modern software and analytics pipelines for mission critical systems and coach organizations and engineering teams to leverage software craftmanship, engineering excellence, and streamlined technologies to speed up their delivery and time to market. Over the years I have succesfully and consistently built and trained top performing teams over a number of countries and cultures and have succesfully raised venture capital at a multimillion dollar valuation. My core expertise is in solving complex technological problems, mostly related to the system's backend and data pipeline, as well as analytics and machine learning algorithms. I use Java and Python everyday, know another ~10 languages (C, C#, JS, ...), and can learn any new language in a matter of weeks. I am also very experienced with frontend technologies such as react and redux and particularly excel at finding performance bottlenecks in large scale deployment models.

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