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Overview provides high-intelligence data science services for different industries: retail, social media, finance, marketing, medicine, logistics, and others. Our team consists of top professionals with 3–12 years of experience in data science based projects. Our team members hold PhD and MSc degrees and have a rich academic, software development and scientific experience. We follow Agile development methodologies and organize direct communication of our team members with customers. Updates are committed to a customer's repository daily or according to an agreed schedule. Our expertise in data science services: - Machine Learning (complex machine learning solutions, either local or distributed). - Data Mining & Predictive Analytics (acquiring data from different sources (REST APIs, web sites, databases, etc.) and executing predictive analysis for decision making). - Text Mining & Analysis (deriving unobvious information from text by revealing patterns and trends through Text Mining - such projects imply parsing of text data, patterning it, evaluating, and interpreting the outcomes using sentiment analysis, and entity relation modeling). - Data Visualization (creating analytical dashboards with real-time data visualization in order to improve strategic decision making inside any kind of data-based companies or projects). - Recommendation Systems (producing sets of user-oriented real-time recommendations by building a model from a user's past behavior as well as historical data from other users, taking into account the characteristics of items to be recommended). Technologies we use: - Programming languages: R, Python, etc. - Distributed computing solutions: Hadoop, Spark, H2O, MLDB, etc. - Visualisation tools: ggplot2, D3, HighCharts, Shiny dashboards, etc. Why customers choose us: - Professional team with data science specialization - We always aim to provide the best outcomes - We create the best suitable team for each project

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