Learning is also a kind of earning. So, I learned Web analytics and completed 200+ projects on Fiverr and Upwork. Then I fell in love with Data Science and learned its all topics by heart along with a master degree in Data Science :) The future belongs to those who learn more and more skills so I believe that when we stop learning, we start dying. However, my existing skills along with a short description are given below. Web Analytics: Certified, experienced and best at web analytics using Matomo and Google Analytics. Web Development: PHP frameworks are my home turf and I have completed so many projects in Opencart, Codeigniter, Laravel, and WordPress. Please have a look at the portfolio to see the projects. Web scraping & crawling: Thanks to the Search Engine development project for which I crawled & scraped 1 million web documents :P so after that I always see myself doing scraping, crawling, and automation-related projects. For automation, I use selenium, beautiful soup, and Python. APIs development: As Python is in my blood so before data science, I used to work on APIs development and web scraping using Python. Big data: I have rich experience in the Hadoop eco-system using Apache Hadoop, Apache Hbase, Apache Nutch, Apache Hive, Apache Solr, etc. The detail is given below. ** Apache Hbase: How to store and retrieve data from Hbase and how to use it with Hadoop and Apache Nutch. ** Apache Nutch: How do search engines work? How to develop your own search engine using Apache Nutch as a crawler, Customization of Nutch at all phases, Tuning of Nutch for effective crawl, and a lot more. ** Apache Solr: How to use Solr for indexing purposes, How to use it in distributed mode, how to do indexing, how to analyze indexed data using different Solr clients. Matomo analytics: There was a time when I was the only Matomo related developer on Fiverr and Upwork. I have very rich experience in following tasks. ** Matomo Installation, configuration, and integration with the website. ** Matomo customization like custom dashboard development i.e., change look & feel different and you can claim that it is your custom product. ** Custom event tracking with/without Matomo tag manager ** Custom variables/dimensions, Goals, and conversions tracking. ** Conversion rate, custom reporting, and GeoIP-based correct location tracking. ** Expert to fetch tracking data through Matomo API to develop a custom dashboard or to display insights on another website.

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