Build a BRAND that lasts. We help beauty, lifestyle, fashion and wellness small businesses create and streamline marketing/branding strategies so they can reduce overwhelm and increase revenue. Create a flexible and forward thinking plan.


Digital marketing is more than paying influencers or buying ads. Let’s build a brand that will last! I have spent the last five years building my beauty brand from $4,000 investment to $5 million in revenue. I have been Chief Marketing Officer & Creative Director and directed a team of one to a team of 20. I am now also a Marketing and Branding Strategist and the owner of marketing consulting agency I LUV BRANDING. I luv branding. I luv marketing. I luv strategy. I now want to share my love with other business owners passionate about building an ecomm beauty, lifestyle, fashion and wellness brand. Don’t Luv Branding & Marketing? No Worries, Hire Us! Why? Say Goodbye To Your Anxiety Organize your business, marketing strategy and your mind. Strategic planning and branding is how you streamline your efforts so you can get back to working on your business instead of in your business. Say goodbye to staying up all night wondering how you are going to generate revenue or how you are going to execute the million ideas you have. Navigate a Constantly Changing & Challenging Digital Marketing Landscape Prepare for a post cookie world. With all of the changes in privacy policy, communication and social media, building your business solely on ads is a huge mistake. In the end brand is really going to be the only thing you and your customers can count on. Get some guidance on how to do that! Grow Your Business and Your Revenue Without Sacrificing Everything We are in business to serve but we are also in business to make money. With branding and strategic planning you can create ways to add new revenue streams, increase customer AOC and LTV, increase margins and loyalty. Streamline your planning, creating, executing and scheduling. Get off the hamster wheel and grow your business with a plan! I can help… Set up Your Marketing Strategy Build your marketing department. Even if you are a team of one. Discover what you need, what resources to use, how to create as much automation as possible and how to analyze your efforts. Grow Your business Learn how to create and market product launches, holiday launches, influencer marketing, brand partnerships, new revenue streams, pivots etc… Reach Your Customers Product, People, Positioning etc.. You have heard these before right? It’s super important to know who you are targeting and how to reach them. Create your target avatar and the strategies needed to get them to convert.

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Email & Marketing Automation

Communication Calendars + Email Automation Flow Setup Set up communication plan as well as set up following 6 flows for you: 1. Abandoned Cart Flow 2. Browse Abandonment Flow 3. Setup Welcome Series 4. Customer Appreciation Flow 5. Win-back Flows 6. Post Purchase Flow

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Market Research & Product Reviews


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Strategic Communication
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Email Marketing Strategy
Market Analysis
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