My name is Radu Iftodi and I am a Project Manager with over 6 years experience in creating mobile and web applications. I started my career as a Project Manager working for Bombardier Transportation where I handled a web application used by 30,0000 employees worldwide. Following this I evolved my skills working for a HealthCare startup, where I had to learn all the new difficulties that come with delivering mobile and web applications in a very strict environment, where compliance with HealthCare protocols (HIPAA) is a must. I also worked for a US Web Agency, handling multiple projects at the same time and making sure we deliver them in a timely manner and in budget scope. I have experience managing a cross-functional team of 10-20 Engineers worldwide (located in the United States, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Romania, Dubai, Spain) for which I created a thriving environment for communication and growth. Having good interpersonal skills, I was the main point of contact between upper management/customer and the team. I had to make sure that all projects were delivered in a timely manner and without issues, taking full responsibility for the success of the projects. I am experienced in managing and creating multiple mobile and web applications, being part of the full process from creation to delivery. I helped reduce the development time by centralizing all data and making sure that all developers have access to what they need, always mentoring them and pushing for best practices.

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