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USA Incorporated / Native english. Java, Flex and Linux consulting.


Brazil Outsource LLC - After several years in Sao Paulo and now Located in Fortaleza - a city of over two million and a popular tourist destination in Brazil's beautiful northeast - we are proud to be a international consulting company. We are just as proud to be a Linux company specializing in Java and Flex. Company founder Robert Lazarski, an American born expatriate who left the states in 2001, installed Linux in 1996 because he needed something more from computers and has been having a lot of fun ever since. Brazil Outsource's main competitive advantage is that while we live in and run the business from Brazil, the companies banks and legal representation are located in the United States. Everyone associated with Brazil Outsource speaks English natively, or speaks English outstandingly well. Information Technology is about people, and after participating in places like the Ceara Java Users Group we have been very impressed with the overall talent we have found in Brazil.

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