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Rapid web and mobile development with Ruby on Rails on backend and react/angular/ember on frontend


We are the team of experienced engineers who have been working together for years and we are here to build and deliver high quality solutions to our clients. Having a good engineering culture, we aim to have fast and short sprints in order to deliver step by step ready-to-use pieces of application while working on the rest - nowadays flexibility and quick adaptation to constantly changing market conditions are critically important! Our team uses modern frameworks which help to deliver fast and well tested solutions. We use tools such as Ruby on Rails for backend and various tools for frontend like React.js, Angular, Ember and Vue. While working on projects, we deeply analyze and document all business logic and application flows, so it’s much easier to maintain a project in future, even for another team. Besides this we aim to have at least 90% test coverage for all environments, which helps to avoid bugs in future (and also to save some funds), while adding new features or updating application logic.

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