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Software and IT services in general should not be bought from the lowest bidder. After all, these magical and mysterious bits of code end up running your business. A tiny mistake such as forgetting to dispose a connection object can bring your operation down to a screeching halt! Even worse, finding this little programmer error among thousands of code snippets can sometimes be harder than starting over from scratch. Software is an extremely delicate area of any business and it should be treated as such. The example above was a simple and honest rookie mistake anyone can make. How can these and other seemingly small yet deadly errors be avoided? The answer is surprisingly simple: Abstraction. Abstraction in Object-oriented programming is simplifying complex reality by modeling classes for a particular problem, and working at the most appropriate level of inheritance for a given task. What? Say Again? It means to create a common set of rules (class) for data access rather than using the raw data access drivers, components or framework. It means creating a common class for search boxes. It means working with a common class for text rendering, and so on and so forth. Software V2 Corporation uses a gigantic custom built base class library. This library is fully optimized for speed, reliability, flexibility and programmability! Our code library dates back to 1990, way before Object-oriented programming was known as a term. Of course, the library has evolved through time and programming languages, but the concept has not changed one bit. Creating a set of functions and procedures (which are now encapsulated in classes) to provide an application programming interface (API). One of our original FoxPro clients has been running a custom manufacturing system we developed in 1992. We've been trying to sell an upgrade to this platform ever since. They keep telling us: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Our code library or framework allows us to focus directly on the solution rather than re-inventing the wheel for each and every project. Rest assured that we guarantee all our work which includes any library components. Our class libraries are not secret or proprietary algorithms, so full source code is provided. So, whenever you're ready to choose a person or company for writing your next software solution, remember that $20/hr can often be much more expensive than $95/hr. The deciding factor should always lean towards eXperience! Sincerely, David Thackeray President and CEO Software V2 Corporation

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