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I have 20+ years of experience. My training and experience is in software engineering and Web and business application development. However, I am searching for a part-time, freelance job with which I can supplement my income. Having worked in an office environment for the duration of my career, I am well versed in office and business processes. Many of these I have automated with customized software, increasing productivity and affordability for large and small organizations. I am also proficient in English. Writing is a daily and necessary skill in my job and personal life as I communicate with many from upper management to customers and stakeholders to team members. I also read all kinds of material. Reading of technical journals, email messages, books, letters, and online copy of all sorts is an indispensable research and analytical skill in my profession. I consume the equivalent of a small book in reading material every week from various sources. As well, I must speak regularly as I lead team members and meetings. I present information to team members, persuade prospective customers, and report to management weekly. I am also a member of a local Toastmasters club. Lastly, listening to and reasoning with others are critical to the success of my job. I am experienced and competent in many common office processes and jobs, including basic and advanced math, organization, customer relations, phone communication, coordination, and data management. I am an accomplished and long-time user of the MS Office suite of products, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

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