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We strongly believe "Satisfied Customer in the Best Source to get more business" ✅ Earn “Top-Rated” status by building an impressive reputation on Upwork ✅ Upwork Team Builder & Hiring Headquarters Member ✅ Private Talent Cloud - Independent Contractors We just wanted to know if you require an expert to manage and lead online collections establishing best practices, support enterprise collections, and optimizing processes. Customer Support, Live Chat, Email Support, Reporting expertises. Collaborate with internal teams including Deal Desk, Sales, RevOps, Support, and Finance to design billing solutions and resolve customer billing and collection issues ✅ Customer Support Tools Expertise: Our team comfortable working with Netsuite, Tesorio, Jira Service Desk, Recurly, Zuora, Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, Securely, Recurly, Webgreeter, Livezilla, Live Chat, Suite CRM, Zoho Desk, Microsoft Team, Desk, Freshdesk, Slack, Github, Spoke, Pageduty, New Relic CSE Etc. ✅ Here are a few reasons why you should consider Talent Sourcing Support : 1. Willingness to be a team player & always looking for ways to improve. 2. Stay calmed until the customer confirms that, “yes, I’m all set!” 3. Willingly shows the customer – i) that I care about getting it right. Ii) that I willing to ​keep going to get it right. Iii) that the customer is the one who determines what “right” is. 4. Stay calmed until the customer confirms that, “yes, I’m all set!” 5. Don’t take anything personally, identifying customer needs and pain points. 6. The ability to work independently as well as a willingness to be a "team player" and always looking for ways to improve. 7. Multitasking and time-management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks. ✅ WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE FROM SUPPORT 365 SERVICE? You'll experience daily excitement receiving support customer's positive reviews, leads for your business. You'll expose your brand to millions, converting positive reviews to clicks, clicks to leads, and leads to sales. Sound Interesting? Let’s chat.

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