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Cloud (AWS + Azure + GCP), Kubernetes, CI/CD, Solution Architecture & Security Consultancy


We are Cloud & security expert with over 100 years of combined experience in development, devops, solution architecture & security. We are industry certified professionals with some of the following well known Certification: 1. Certified Kubernetes Administrator 2. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer 3. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional 4. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 6. AWS Certified Developer 7. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator 8. Sun Certified Java Programmer 9. Sun Certified Java Developer 10. Microsoft Certified Professional DevOps ----------------- Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certified Kubernetes Application Developer All AWS Certifications AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS All major Configuration Management tools (Chef, Puppet, Ansible etc) All major CI/CD tools (Jenkins, TC, VSTS, Hockey etc) All major Continuous Monitoring tools, Continuous Performance Testing (JMeter) All major VCS tools Infrastructure-as-Code (Terraform, Cloudformation) All Hashicorp tools (Terraform, Nomad, Vault, Consul) Serverless (Amazon Lambda, Ms. Functions) Architecture ------------------ Microservices (Choreography, Orchestration), n-tier, Event Driven, Client /Server, DDD Cloud based Durable, Highly Available & Highly Scalable & Fault Tolerant architectures. Development ------------------ Java (Spring, Android SDK), Kotlin, PHP (Symfony3, CodeIgniter, Drupal8, Laravel, Yii), C# (MVC) .net core, Python (Flask) Databases --------------- SQL: MySQL / MariaDB / Aurora, Ms SQL Server, Oracle NoSQL: MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure DocumentDB Big Data ------------ Amazon Redshift, Kinesis & EMR

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Other - IT & Networking

We are Kubernetes experts managing production k8s clusters. We're hold Certified Kube Application Developer + Certified Kube Administrator certifications. We help clients build and deliver highest quality software at speed using DevOps principles, best practices & the latest DevOps tools.

Information Security

Mobile Development

Other - Software Development


Infrastructure as Code
Automated Deployment Pipeline
Enterprise Architecture
Amazon ECS
Continuous Integration
Amazon EC2
Amazon ECS for Kubernetes
Android App Development
AWS Lambda
Microsoft Azure

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