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🌕 FREE CONSULTATION 🌕 ✅Automation: Using VBA macros and advanced lookups/formulas ✅Scraping Website using excel using selenium ✅Designed application which allow you to access sap remotely. ✅ Dashboards, Scorecards, and Executive Summaries ✅ Advanced calculations and Pivot Tables. ✅Build Excel dashboards and visualizations ✅PivotTables, slicers, graphs, charts, tables, dropdowns, controls ✅ Nielsen reporting and analysis (OTC/Consumer Healthcare/Seafood/Meat/More) ✅ Expert in automating QuickBooks output to Excel Pivot Tables and Dashboard ✅ Financial Reporting/analysis. ✅ Processing, manipulating and analyzing large sets of data. ✅ Breaking/Removing passwords on sheets - Any password, Any version of Excel. ✅ Formatting: Making things look good while guiding the user to the important data points. ✅ Optimizing files for size and speed - Taking files from 15 Minutes to 15 seconds calc time. ✅ Using the simplest solution possible - make it faster, easier to understand, and easier to modify if needed. ✅ Windows and Mac. ✅ Almost anything else: If you can dream it, I can do it. As an extension to my Excel VBA expertise, I'm also trained in Microsoft Power BI, a powerful tool to analyze, visualize and share data insights and business intelligence. * Build visual and interactive reports * Build interactive dashboards and drill-downs * Connect to a variety of external and on-premise data sources including Excel, CSV, databases (Access, SQL, ERP, etc.) * Data manipulation using different tools * Schedule data refreshes * Share dashboards, view data on mobile * Query data using natural language and Power query

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Data Mining
Visual Basic for Applications
Data Processing
Data Scraping
Microsoft VBScript
Data Modeling
Microsoft Excel
Data Migration
Data Profiling

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