-Upgraded ruby on rails app from cedar16 to heroku18 and added new features to the app -Tested the web application on multiple browsers, categorized and analyzed bugs, checked for bug regressions, and created reports. -Developed a plugin for redmine using ruby on rails. -The plugin helps to calculate invoices and provides output in printable PDF format. (Project) Created a web application using ruby on rails to retrieve data from a database that mimics a modern browser (project) -Using Java, develop HTML generator code. -Used Google app script to create a video template that synchronizes the video script with the video timeline, with the ability to play and pause specific lines of the script. -Rewrote the Google app script in ruby, used the spreadsheet API to retrieve the data, and deployed it to heroku -Masking Excel sensitive data using python and AI modules. -Converter to convert CSV format. - Python scripting on various applications, such as data cleaning or formating

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