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I have more than 6 years experience in Google Adwords and Bing. I also follow industry blogs and articles to keep me up to date with the latest SEM trends and news. Service Description We setup and manage advertising campaigns for your business on Google AdWords. Our service is designed to get the most out of your search marketing campaigns, using our expertise and experience to maximize your return on investment (ROI). The setup process: * Creation of campaigns for Search & Display Network on all/any of the major Search Engines * Thorough Keyword Research and Selection * Careful and Complete Negative Keyword Selection and Implementation * Appropriate Keyword Matching Options for superior Clickthrough Rates * Use Advanced AdGrouping techniques to Increase Relevancy * Drafting Effective Ad Text Using Tested Best Practices * Website and Landing Page Analysis and Optimization * Advanced Tracking using Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking * Choosing the Right Cost per Click and Budget Options based on Market Competition and Advertiser Budget * Strategic Geographical Targeting and Ad Scheduling Ongoing Management Process: * Website Analysis and Optimization tips * Strategic Bid Management to Optimize your spend and Reduce Unnecessary Costs * Position Management and Monitoring for Best Results * Continued Keyword Performance Analysis * Ongoing Keyword Research and Trend Study for New Keyword Additions * Proactive Deletion of Poor Keywords and Negative Keyword Management * Ongoing Ad Text Performance Analysis and A/B Testing * Conversion Tracking Analysis and Optimization to Maximize Conversions * Easy to Understand Reporting & Analysis * Click Fraud Monitoring GOOGLE ANALYTICS You can be better prepared if you know the behavior of the visitors after they enter your website. Google Analytics is a free online tool which helps to monitor the visitors and their behavior. I can install conversion tracking, ecommerce tracking, and setup funnels and goal

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