I am a hands-on technical lead/senior Agile developer specialized in web and service-oriented applications and dynamic languages (JavaScript, Symfony, PHP, Python, etc.). I'm passionate about working with motivated teams and getting things done. JavaScript, 14 years Node.js, 5 years Symfony, 5 years PHP , 12 years Python 5 years Developed an internationalization solution for this eCommerce platform - a monolithic Rails application - with a customer facing front-end enhanced with jQuery and an articulated admin/back-end built as a Ext JS app. The process followed was very much Agile and test-driven, in a continuous deployment setup. It started from a local Vagrant environment, going through a Jenkins CI-system running Jasmine unit tests, RSpecs, and Cucumber Features - and a code review workflow structured around Github pull requests - and ending in a production deployment automated via Capistrano. Supported the front-end team by building a suite of front-end performance automation tests written using Grunt, PhantomJS, and YSlow, to track front-end metrics and degradation of performance as part of the CI tasks. Developed a template engine, based on Handlebars and Express.js, used to preview and compile HTML newsletters. Built a proxy-cache command line application built to abstract front-end development from the Rails back-end by selectively caching or proxying the HTTP requests.

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