Orgino Media and Future <Software/IT Professional Services>

Developing, managing and leading data science/AI, Web/Software Engineering projects <SPA : React, Vue, Angular, HTML, PHP, CSS & mySQL, Ruby on Rails, Xamarin and Swift>


Our expertise across a broad range of technical and emerging topics and challenges has given us a level of foresight and strategy. Bringing a deep involvement with building teams, creating software and web applications from hosting to project management to writing code to technical planning and stakeholder communications. We bridge the gap between business needs and technical clarity via Communication, Transparency and Results. Extensive knowledge in developing, managing and leading Web/Software Engineering projects. Well-versed in a number of development tools and project management systems including but not limited to Confluence, GitLab, Bitbucket, JIRA, Crucible, AWS, etc... Please feel free to reach out to see how we can help your web or software project as a Technical Manager or as a supplemental development team. As professional software developers with 9+ years of experience working in the software industry. I've worked on many different projects throughout my career including, enterprise scale web applications, desktop applications, databases and mobile app development. I have also spent several years working in the testing industry specialising in web and mobile automation. With my solid background of dev and test you can trust me to complete your project on time with excellent quality. • E-Commerce website developer • Digital marketing strategies and project/campaign management • Shopify Certified Partner/Developer • Bronto email marketing development • Responsive Design & Mobile Web Device Strategies • ADA Accessibility Audits • Integration of third party web services • E-Commerce strategies and metrics • Strong development background • SEO optimization and keyword targeting I have overseen daily support for multiple product line websites via CMS-Ecommerce platforms: Demandware, Tridion, and Shopify. Utilizing an extensive web development background, I’ve managed digital marketing projects with a full view of objectives and a realistic understanding of where challenges could occur, pitching in at every level to bring goals to completion. I have delivered product web page SEO redesigns which led to measurable increases in traffic and ecommerce metrics, as well as completed company website redesign projects and integration into CMSs to the requirements of all stakeholders. I make sure the client understands the scope of a project and the implications of any changes they are requesting. I also pride myself on educating clients that want to learn to make routine changes to their websites on their own. Find out how I can help you. we pride myself in: • Communication • Honesty • Best Practices and agile software development

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  1. API
  2. Data Analysis Consultation
  3. PHP
  4. Web Application Framework
  5. QA Software & Testing Tools
  6. Web & Mobile Design Consultation
  7. Regression Testing
  8. JavaScript
  9. Software Consultation
  10. Data Analytics Framework
  11. Software Architecture & Design
  12. Data Analytics & Visualization Software
  13. Java
  14. Web App Penetration Testing
  15. Web Analytics

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Jun 24, 2022

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