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Greetings, We are creators of TOP Brands on Amazon. We just creating money for our clients. We don’t need a lot of clients. We are focusing only on the best ones. We are high tech and experience Amazon Experts here to grow your business. Knowledge - our everything. We are spending $$ every month on our education to keep in trend with new things. We are fully confidential. NDA agreement applies for each client. Full privacy guaranteed. Our mission is Only high-quality products and brands on Amazon. When you choosing us, you can be guaranteed with these numbers: 1. Experience on Amazon from 2 years. 2. Turnover of all companies > $5kk/mo. 3. Turnover of all companies in 2017 > $40kk. 4. More than 850 listings are created/optimized. 5. More than 2200 advertising campaigns are created/managed. 6. More than 90 companies worked with us. 7. Best result - $500k/mo to $1kk in 5 months. What we feel we can do? (Based on experience) $10k to 30k in 3 months $30k to 100k in 6 months $100k to 500k in 12 months $1kk to 3kk in 12 months $3kk to 10kk in 24 months Our TOP services: 1. Amazon account management. 2. Listing optimization. 3. Advertising managing. 4. Outside Amazon Sales (traffic). 5. Social media marketing for Amazon. 6. Website sales for Amazon. 7. Branding on Amazon. We are about Perfect. You can be sure that every work done in our company, is controlled by a high-level manager to be sure you get exactly what you need. Only Premium Soft. Individual strategies. Only High level of management. If you’re ready to transfer your business to the next level, just contact us. What can be done: For beginners: 1. Brand building. 2. Deep market analyze. 3. Product research. 4. Suppliers negotiation. 5. Product launch. 6. Listing building. 7. More new technologies here after an interview. For normal: 1. Listing optimization. 2. Amazon advertising. 3. Amazon account management. 4. Social media marketing for Amazon. 5. Chatbots. 6. Email series. 7. Expanding the product line. 8. More new technologies here after an interview. For advanced: 1. Launching a new marketplace: US, CA, MX, Europe, India, AU, China, Japan, Brazil. 2. Building new sources of sales. 3. Business managing. 4. Rebranding. 5. Increasing brand visibility. 6. Building sales channels off-Amazon. 7. Website sales. 8. More new technologies here after an interview. (Here a highly possible increase in sales x2-x3 times in about 6 months) Consulting acceptable for all kinds of sellers. We properly choosing and interviewing with many steps all our members. We are building a dream team to achieve the highest goals. Keep in mind #1 Amazon Sales Agency. Have the best day.

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Display Advertising

Amazon account/PPC management


  1. Amazon Listing Optimization
  2. SEO Keyword Research
  3. Copywriting
  4. Management Accounting
  5. Researcher
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Amazon PPC
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. Business Consulting
  10. Marketing Management
  11. Marketing Strategy
  12. Business Plan
  13. Advertising
  14. Amazon Webstore

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