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Hi, I am CEO of EMCA Software based in Poland. Our service concentrate around all ELK project and use cases. We provide all sort of services around ELK: - architecture design, - full deployment, - custom parsin, - integrations, - auditing and troubleshooting, - migrations. Common use cases we do: Log management, APM, SIEM, CMDB. I can dedicate an engineer, architect or developper to You task. We can work constantly, providing monthly service and optional - rapid help. We are also a vendor of Energy Logserver - Elasticsearch fork for SIEM usecase energylogserver.pl. We develop own ELK fork, because we have turned into SIEM with it. All our projects concentrate around ELK, logs and SIEM - we can also work on different ELK flavours. We work as a Team of ELK experts and developers. We would like to join Your project as we can deliver all expected competencies. As a Team - the service can be provided asap and taken care for long term cooperation. Our knowledge: ELK - all around, Wazuh, Bro, Kafka, elastalert, loadbanalcers We also know Splunk. Providing a connector for Splunk to read data in Elasticsearch! Get in touch to talk how we can help ! Artur

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Information Security

We are concentrated around SIEM, Network security, Log management. Smothly working on Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Elastalert having also good knowledge of Splunk. We are a team of 10+ Linux proffesionals with great skill of ELK and surrounding projects.


  1. Kibana
  2. Logstash
  3. Elasticsearch
  4. Splunk
  5. Apache Kafka

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