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• COMPANY OVERVIEW EVERY IT SOLUTION , is a solution oriented consulting company with pool of talented members inspired by creativity, intelligence, innovation and rapidly growing technology. From where it started as a small Information Technology provider working with small to midsize businesses has now grown into multiple products oriented corporation with diversified skilled professionals. • WHO WE ARE? EVERY IT SOLUTION is an information technology management provider that has remained consistently in-demand among web-based, apps businesses throughout Canada and U.S for over a decade. Our team of multi-talented designers, developers, creative marketing and advertising minds and customer support associates lead Every IT Solution’s core website & app design + development and content-development divisions behind one unifying vision: a single brand equipped to coordinate growth-oriented and dependable information technology, online marketing and brand management strategies for any business in any market, anywhere and at any time. • STRATEGY Every product and service offered under our banner is developed and provided to our customers with a changeless core DNA. These are the ideals that not only guide our actions, but define our decision-making, employee relations and day-to-day operations. • Our Mission - Set standards for US and Canada for responsive, professional and knowledgeable IT, advertising, web development and marketing solutions that deliver robust ROI and consistent standards for quality. • Vision - An identity synonymous with a single multi-faceted assembly of technicians, creators, developers and managers capable of coordinating a company’s entire set of IT, e-commerce, marketing and advertising objectives within itself - a true one-stop shop. • Core Values - o We are as strong as our customers’ growth. o Standout content leads our way - and our customers’. o Be as responsive to every customer’s needs as we would be to our own. o Develop and design for dependability. o Strengthen every customer brand’s immediate local authority and relevance as its geographic marketplace’s definitive informational resource. o Every product and service we provide to our customers not only shapes their identities, but defines our own. o Value nothing above honesty, integrity, dedication and the highest order of business ethics in everything we do. • Goals - o Expand our market reach beyond local markets across a growing influence throughout Canada and U.S. o Extend the inventory of services we can provide to businesses across US & Canada. o Approach every decision and every interaction in every customer connection with the goal of fostering a long-term relationship built on trust. • Mission Statement - We will provide ongoing, dependable IT support at online development’s cutting edge for any company anywhere at any time at price points that open superb services to businesses of every budget worldwide. • SCOPE - GOOGLE COMPLIANCE - MAXIMIZING ONLINE VISIBILITY - BRANDING - MOBILE APPS - SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - ORGANIC SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) - VIDEOS - BLOGS - ONLINE BUSINESS DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS - NETWORKING & SUPPORT The signature of Every It Solution has always been and will always be apps, websites, ads and other solutions that create engaging, user-friendly customer experiences. A business becomes a true “brand” when its name becomes synonymous with enjoyable interactions that convey to online visitors and converted customers alike that their needs are paramount. Every element we design, from buttons and banners on websites to integrated apps, is developed to complement the functionality of every other branded tool to form a seamless, responsive overall experience. That is our essence of a perfect branded network and the engine that drives quality-fueled ROI. We can make any company into so much more than a “brand”. For every company’s need to become an iconic, informative authority in its field, Every IT has solutions for every business needs – because nothing great happens by accident. Let us consult your next project.

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