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Our Expertise 1. Sign up your hotel/vacation rental in major online travel agencies (OTA) and web portals. 2. Managing availability and rates on all major travel agencies (OTA) and web portals and managing rate plans, integrations of channel managers such as Beds24, booking automation,guesty,Tokeet,myallocator,Little hotelier, Cloud Beds and Site Minder. 3. Price Optimization-Daily Price adjustments according to market demand, competitor pricing, events and seosonalities. 4. Revenue Management- Employing revenue management terms such as REVPAR, REV max, ADR, event calendar, Demand based pricing to maximize your overall revenue 5.Help hotels to improve hotel rankings and bookings. 6. Improve content score by loading photos in major travel agencies (OTA) and web portals. We analyze the content score and give recommendations to load photos of unique advantages, rooms, views, surroundings and near by attractions. 7. Hotel/ vacation rental reputation management- Analyzing the negative reviews to trouble shoot the problem areas in the hotel. 8 Bulding websites and connect it with book now widgets through the channel manager. Please see portfolio section to refer the clients we have worked with so far and type of work we do. Our website is -www . aylanes . weebly . com 1.Managing daily rates,revenue and overall booking generation for 15 studio apartment unit based in Manchester city center, UK. 2. Helping Ritz Carlton, Bel canto, Miam, USA studio apartment to get register in main online portals and to manage daily rates and available. 3.Managing daily rates,revenue and overall booking generation for 10 room hotel based in Old Trafford, UK 4. Managing online bookings of a beach house in morocco which belongs Berbar group,UK. 5. Helping 60 apartment unit based in Florida, USA to improve their content score in all major hotel booking online platforms. 6. Managing daily rates,revenue and overall booking generation for 30 apartment unit based in Osaka, Japan. 7.Managing daily rates,revenue and overall booking generation for 15 apartment unit based in Chester, UK.

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Register in main OTA's such as booking.com, airbnb, expedia, tripadvisor rentals and VRBO/Hotels.com Channel Manager integration- Beds24, bookingautomation, tokeet,smoobu,siteminder, cloudbeds, staah,airgms, littlehotelier, etc

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