Hi, I represent East European contact-center «Tell2Tell». We provide a wide range of contact center services and call center outsourcing solutions (outbound calls (sales, appointments setting, surveys), inbound calls (consultation, technical support, customer support), chats, emails). Why you should choose our call center? - Lower price: you need lower costs to work with us than to work with Western European colleagues. - Talent pool: Our agents are highly qualified and fast-trained. - Multilingual: It offers a rich pool of bilingual/trilingual speakers (English/Russian/Ukrainian). - Multicultural: It’s culturally aligned to both Western and Eastern Europe. - Business continuity: We’re in a temperate climate, without the threat of major natural disasters. - Technology: It’s among Top 5 European countries in telecommunication and internet infrastructure. - Proximity: It’s less than 2 hours away by plane from all major European hubs. Working with our call-center, you will get an opportunity for effective growth! Our call-center works according to world quality standards. We provide continuous communication 24/7, which allows you always to stay in touch with your customers!

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