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I am an experienced full-stack developer with over ten years of experience working in complex and innovative IT Solutions. I have worked with medium/large companies that require IT solutions in various industries like:
 - Media Publishers
 - Marketing & Ad Agencies 
- Hospitality Industry - Ecommerce
 - Health/Life/Car Insurance and car dealerships I am an expert in the below-listed aspects:
 - Software Development - Digital Marketing - Audience Targeting - Footfall measurement - Geolocation IT Solutions - Big Data visualization with charts and maps - Dynamic Real-Time Reporting - Mapping Solutions - E-commerce I work with the following Development tools
 - PHP
 - Laravel 5 and 8 (framework)

 Databases - MySQL
 - Redis
 - Couchbase 
 - BigQuery

 Data Visualisation - Big Data Visualisation Libraries (AmCharts, chartJS and  DatatableJS)
 - Big Data Map Visualisation (, Mapbox)
 - Progressive JavaScript Framework (VueJS or AlpineJS, Livewire)
 - CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap or Tailwind)
 I have experience working on big projects, communicating with stakeholders in all stages of the development life cycle. I am happy to advise on a better solution that will improve or yelled a better product as per the initial scope. I would like to hear from you.

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